Digital Transformation and Public Organizational Performance in the COVID-19 Era: Users’ perception

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Human and Social Studies, Vol.1, issue 3, p.36-44, 2022
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The strategic importance of digital transformation (DT) has become a crucial element at the heart of our research. Indeed, DT enables the enhancement of an organization’s performance. Researchers in information technology management have long explored the relationship between digital transformation and organizational performance, yielding numerous findings. This study aims to develop the idea that digital transformation can serve as a cornerstone for organizational performance through a concrete investigation into public organizations in Casablanca. To address our research question, we relied on a theoretical framework that formed the primary basis for our hypothesis, which was tested to verify its validity. This led us to prioritize the hypothetico-abductive method. We conducted a qualitative study involving three organizations from three different public services.


Digital transformation, performance, organization, qualitative approach, abductive method


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Publication date:

26 December 2022

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