From Fragility to Agility: A Methodological Turning Point for a Better Understanding of the Managerial Phenomenon

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Human and Social Studies, Vol.2, issue 1, p.25-30, 2023
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This study sought to deepen our understanding of how managers respond to environmental fluctuations by delving into the intricate interplay among the organization, its environment, and managerial adaptability. The central inquiry guiding this research revolved around improving our comprehension of these critical elements—namely, the organization, its environment, and the evolving strategies of effective managers. Through an amalgamation of academic literature and insights gleaned from the domain of NGO management, two pivotal factors influencing managerial conduct emerged: the extent of comprehension regarding the environmental context and the quality of responses tailored to the challenges posed by this context. As a result, a matrix was introduced, delineating four distinctive archetypes of managers when confronted with crisis scenarios. Additionally, a conceptual framework was devised, illustrating the ideal state and behavioral attributes of a manager.


Managerial response, organization, crisis management, organizational agility


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Publication date:

27 April 2023

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