Edition: Vol.2, issue 3

Research paper

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Human and Social Studies, Vol.2, issue 3, p.1-8, 2023
  • Research paper


Artificial Intelligence is the science of learning and teaching with significant systems that enable the learners to have the best knowledge according to the learning needs and perspective of learning styles. From the past years Artificial Intelligence has been rapidly advanced in the technology and as well as in knowledge technology where these Artificial Intelligence applications have unconventional ways advanced the learning strategies. These AI applications have also contributed to the education sector where these applications have led to the essential role in learning in the higher educational systems. This study analyzed the motivation and effectiveness of learners towards the artificial intelligence learning approach about the learning applications. About one hundred twenty-one respondents were touched from five higher education institutions and data is collected from higher educational institutions. This study found that most of the learners were satisfied with AI applications towards the factors that are artificial intelligence applications increase your learning capabilities, AI learning applications increase productivity in learning, what do you think AI applications are useful in enhancing the knowledge, what do you think AI applications have potency towards the easy and clear content learning process. Most of learners responded in positive motivation about the above questions and countered about optimistic effectiveness towards the applications of artificial intelligence. Finally, this concludes that more interaction of learners with AI learning application will provide good results in learning the content of concerned subject. This study suggests that there will be training for learners regarding AI learning applications.

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Artificial intelligence applications, education, teaching and learning, motivation and effectiveness of learners

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