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  • A Systematic Review on the Current Trends of Education and Pedagogy in the Human and Social Studies

    The landscape of education in the Human and Social Studies (HSS) is constantly evolving, driven by shifting societal needs, technological advancements, and pedagogical innovat...

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  • Exploring Social Media as a Communication Tool for Student-athletes and their Formators

    How does social media contribute to shaping the development of student-athletes? To answer this question, 20 formators, including professors, coaches, and athletic directors f...

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  • The Importance of Studying Consumer Behavior in Marketing Strategies: The Case of Moroccan Companies

    This article examines the critical role of studying consumer behavior in the marketing strategy of Moroccan companies amid dynamic market changes. Using a research methodology...

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  • Examining the Implication of Artificial Intelligence Learning Applications on Improvement Learning Permanency of Learners at Higher Educational Institutions

    AI applications and new technological equipment have brought new trends in learning development. Now a days the new tren...

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  • Talent Management Training: A Case Study of Sports Training Centers

    Long-term talent development is defined as a sustained structuring of training and competitions in a progressive approach that involves time-limited developmental stages, each...

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  • Internationalization of Scientific Research and Cooperation: Governance of the System from the Perspective of Stakeholder Theory

    Over the past few decades, all components of the public administration have undergone transformations that have led to a reevaluation of several ideas. The main change revolve...

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  • Regulatory Policies and COVID-19: The Business Climate as a Matter of Consultation Between Interest Groups and the State

    Regulatory policy is considered one of the most relevant levers of public action, whether it concerns administrative procedures, investment, and more. Despite the existence of...

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  • “Made in Morocco”: A New Industrial Direction for Economic Recovery- Post Covid-19

    The Moroccan economy had to face the heavy repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, national businesses were forced to expand their markets and adapt to the unexpected ...

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