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  • Artificial Intelligence Applications and Higher Educational Institutions: New Development for Learning Advancement    

    Artificial Intelligence is the science of learning and teaching with significant systems that enable the learners to have...

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  • The Impact of Communication Technologies on Social Dynamics and Urban Planning: Insights from Geomatics Interviews

    This study explores the impact of communication technologies on social dynamics and urban planning through interviews with geomatics experts. Participants, who are proficient ...

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  • Tragedy as an Independent Real-World Phenomenon

    Tragedies, as real-world phenomena, are independent of their literary genre and are suitable for philosophical analysis. My analysis focuses on a type of tragedy that emerges ...

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  • Digital Heritage Valorization Strategies: Lessons from International Cross-cultural Experiences for Casablanca

    This article explores how digital heritage is valorized by examining lessons learned from studies conducted in different countries around the world. Through an extensive revie...

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  • COVID-19, a New Factor in Information System Adoption

    The objective of our study is to examine the impact of contingency factors and the COVID-19 crisis on the adoption of inf...

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  • Collaborative Innovation in the Era of Banking Digitalization: A Comparative Analysis between National and International Practices

    In recent years, banks have been undergoing continuous changes in their business models, notably the digitization of their services, which has given rise to another digital op...

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  • Digital Transformation and Public Organizational Performance in the COVID-19 Era: Users’ perception

    The strategic importance of digital transformation (DT) has become a crucial element at the heart of our research. Indeed...

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